hospital food improvements in sub saharan africa

By Andrew Beckingham | 29 May, 2016

I'm exploring if we improve the quality and diversity of the food within a hospital setting is improved I can improve the overall outcomes for patients. I've got some evidence from developed counties but the majority of work I can find seems to be around SAM/CMAM/MAternal nutrition. Does anyone know of some work showing a benefit to a hospital based food intervention on improving outcomes for medical and surgical patients in a developing context. The team want to improve nutrition for high risk patients but I think in the context it might be worth improving the nutrition of food provided to all patients.
Any suggestions on papers or ideas would be greatly appreciated!



Jostas Mwebembezi Replied at 4:54 AM, 29 May 2016

Hallo Andrew,
Thank you, for updates
let us talk more on that


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