Linking experience with practice challenges

By Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus | 11 Jun, 2014

Sorry that I have quiet lately; a close family member has been quite ill and I have been interacting with the health system as family member and have been actively working as this relative's health advocate for much of the last few weeks. If you will permit me to, I would like to tell you the story in steps as it really has made me think about how experience influences our approach to practice.

 I wanted to do this exercise in order to get a handle on what I have seen without judging the staff. I am fairly upset and angry with what has happened to our family member, but as a clinician and researcher, I know that I have to understand the existing situation in order to work on any positive change.

Therefore this exercise not be focused on asking people what should be done, but rather to understand our process or why we take certain approaches to care.

Anyone interested?




Lauren Williams Replied at 5:05 PM, 11 Jun 2014

Interested, but away for the next two weeks. This is how change begins, so I suggest opening the conversation.

Lauren Williams


Jerry Staples Replied at 6:30 PM, 11 Jun 2014


Prof.Dr.Matiur Rahman Replied at 2:06 AM, 12 Jun 2014

Yes I willl give necessary input

Susan Wood, PNP-BC, MPH, IBCLC Replied at 4:24 AM, 12 Jun 2014

Elizabeth: I am so sorry to hear about your family illness. As for listening to the story of your family's experience with our medical system: I think that would be hugely helpful for all of us. It sounds like this exercise would be not only useful for all of us in seeing other sides of our flawed though ( mostly) well intentioned US healthcare system, but it may also help you in processing what has gone on. I wish you well as you go through this & thank you in advance for sharing the story. Susie

Tari Gilbert Replied at 5:39 PM, 13 Jun 2014

Yes, I think that processing these things helps all involved. Best of luck to you,

Tess Panizales, DNP, MSN, RN Replied at 5:58 PM, 13 Jun 2014

Elizabeth - I would be interested to hear your story.

Jacqueline Tindall Replied at 9:04 AM, 14 Jun 2014

Yes, I think it would be very interesting to gather various viewpoints. Interacting as a Provider, patient, or patient advocate or Instructor are all very different roles. Jacki Tindall RN, MSN, FNP

Sheila Davis Moderator Emeritus Replied at 7:29 PM, 15 Jun 2014

So sorry to hear about your family challenges. Your experiences would be very enlightening for all of us I am sure/
take care

Dianne Longson Replied at 11:01 PM, 15 Jun 2014

Like others, I am sorry to hear about the illness in your family.
When we experience the health care system and nursing as a consumer of the service rather than as the provider, it provides us with a very different perspective on care. However that experience can and should also inform our practice and where possible be used to inform the practice of others. I would be very interested to hear about your experience and your thoughts in relation to it, as well as to think about it how it might be related to nursing in a more general sense. Thanks for being willing to share.

Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus Replied at 11:34 AM, 16 Jun 2014

Thank you for your replies. As I stated before, I wish to reframe this from a frustrating episode for our family into a learning experience.
Right now I am considering how to present this, perhaps as a case study or multiple cases, in order to be relevant to the list and even handed in approach.

More soon,


anwar rafay Replied at 4:45 AM, 19 Jun 2014

Dear Elizabeth,

Sorry to hear about your relative but as every cloud has a silver lining,
even the worst could contain some good for those who have the ears and eyes
to observe it.

Eager to hear from you

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