Nursing and Midwifery Faculty for Rwanda

By Anne Sliney | 17 Sep, 2013

The Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program is helping to transform medical, nursing, midwifery and health management education in Rwanda. Currently, there are 42 US institution nursing and midwifery faculty members teaching in Rwandan schools of nursing and midwifery as well as in government teaching hospitals.

There are 4 remaining positions available :

Experienced nurse educator to serve as an advisor to the Director of a School of Nursing and Midwifery

Nurse midwife mentor to teach midwifery students, faculty and practicing midwives in a busy maternity hospital

Experienced nurse manager to serve as an advisor to a Director of Nursing of a large referral hospital

Nurse educator with expertise in e-learning to advise the Ministry of Health on its e-learning program for nurses

These are full-time salaried positions. Positions are available immediately, but start date is negotiable. Must commit to living and working in Rwanda until July 2014, at which time the contract can be renewed. Applicants must be employable in the United States. Visit our website at for more information and to apply.

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Elhassan Elhassan Replied at 9:28 AM, 1 Apr 2014

Health delivery all over the world in general, and in developing countries in particular, is rapidly changing in such a way that resulted in an ever increasing demand for nurses to assume major roles in all health fields.
Currently, the changes in population life styles, changing disease patterns and scientific and technological advances are having a profound impact on the organization of health care services and on the scope of the nursing professions practice. Moreover, there is concrete evidence that the spectrum of health services availability and accessibility increase as nurses assume greater responsibility for primary health care. It is, also, apparent from the trends affecting the delivery of health care that professional maternity and gynecological nurses are required to master the complex and rapidly changing body of knowledge, procedures and practices in their field of specialization in order to effectively and efficiently meet the public demands for their services.
Accordingly to keep pace with the current and anticipated changes in the health care delivery systems, there is an urgent need for highly qualified professionals in the field of maternity and gynecological nursing. A program is needed to meet that challenge. Therefore a Proposed Program for M.Sc. in Maternity and Gynecological Nursing is structured by University of Gezira, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Sudan and supposed to be conducted by Courses and dissertation.
It is justified by; the scarcity of highly qualified personnel in the field of maternity and gynecological nursing. Urgent need for improving the quality of medical services in maternity and gynecological units, in order to reduce morbidity, mortality and medical cost, The need for adoption of new and advanced knowledge, techniques and technologies to upgrade the current status of services in maternity ad gynecological units. The changing health care needs, and the rising expectations of health care customers, are creating an increasing demand for maternity and gynecological nurses with very advanced knowledge and specialized skills.The urgent need of higher education and medical institutions for qualified academic and professional staff members in the field of maternity and gynecological nursing.
The proposed M.Sc. program General objective is intended to create generations of highly qualified personnel in the field of maternity and gynecological nursing through strengthening the knowledge and updating theoretical background, as well as augmenting professional ethics, Nursing skills, administrative skills, social accountability, and communication skills of the candidates.
As Specific objectives, the graduate from this Msc. program will be fully qualified to:
Meet current job requirements in the field of maternity and gynecological nursing for both public and private institutions. Contribute positively, with the health group, towards efficient planning and management of maternity and gynecological units. Serve the community via his contribution in lowering morbidity, mortality, and medical cost within the maternity and gynecological units. Perform well planned, executed and analyzed clinical research in the field of maternity and gynecological nursing. Satisfy the urgent needs for specialized academic staff members in higher education institutions. The applicant registers in the program must have either BSC (Honors) in nursing or B.Sc. (General) in nursing, with a minimum of three years experience in the field of specialization.
The program Structure consists of three semesters, fifteen (15) weeks each, of course work and a period for a partial fulfillment research part. The three semesters are comprised of thirteen (13) courses having a total academic load of forty eight (48) credit hours. Moreover, the three semesters have sixty eight (68) contact hours, twenty six (26) hours of which are for theoretical studies and forty two (42) hours for practical work, as shown in the attached Plate of Academic Courses Structure. The language of instruction for all activities in the program is English. The University Senate awards the candidate a M.Sc. degree in Maternity and Gynecological Nursing after passing all courses and scoring a CGPA of (3.00) or more and successfully completing the requirements of the Research Dissertation.

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