Nursing and Midwifery Faculty for Rwanda

By Anne Sliney | 30 Oct, 2012

The Rwanda Ministry of Health's Human Resources for Health Program has several openings for clinical nursing and midwifery faculty. Positions are available immediately and require at least a 6-month commitment. Recruitment is also beginning for full time faculty for year 2, which begins August 1, 2013. Since faculty are employed by US universities, applicants must be employable in the US. Nurses or midwives with experience across most specialty areas are encouraged to apply. Go to for more information and to apply.



Lynda Wilson Replied at 2:36 PM, 30 Oct 2012

Hi Anne,
I have a question about the benefits for the Rwanda position - on the website it says " Salary and Benefits - Salary for US faculty is provided by the respective US school. "...does this mean that U.S. Faculty would need a leave of absence with full salary pay from the university where they work?

Thanks for clarifying! Lynda Wilson

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Deputy Director, PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center on International Nursing
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Debbie Lundgren Replied at 12:22 AM, 2 Nov 2012

This program sounds similar to the Peace Corps/Global Health Service Corps' Global Health Partnership. The GHP is requiring nurses to have experience as nurse educators and a MSN, NP, CNS etc. do we know if this Rwanda program has similar requirements? Does anyone have contact information where we can get further info?

Marik Moen Replied at 3:18 PM, 2 Nov 2012

Dear Debra,
Please see this site:

Anne Sliney- originator of post - would be best placed to answer questions.

The program strongly prefers nurses with educator experience and MSN prepared. However, here is a link to the University of Maryland School of Nursing's post listing to see how we describe the clinical mentor qualifications : and other Rwanda HRH positions here:
Marik Moen

Anne Sliney Replied at 2:03 PM, 4 Nov 2012

Thank you to Linda and Debbie for your questions. The minimum requirement for clincal mentors in the Rwanda HRH program is a BSN with at least 3 years of recent clinical experience. That being said, all of the current faculty in-country have significantly more than 3 years experience, and most have an MSN or above. A nurse with a BSN and extensive experience in adult med-surg, critical care, emrgency, pediatrics, neonatology, psych, perioperative nursing, or infection control could function well as a clinical instructor/mentor in Rwanda.
The 5 US universities in the consortium hire the faculty members, but most of the faculty are from outside the university. Each university receives funding from the Ministry of Health to employ faculty. Recruitment is open to any nurse or midwife who is employable in the US and meets the qualifcations. Multi-year commitments are encouraged.
This progarm is somewhat similar to the Peace Corps Global Health Service Corps, and I am in close communication with Pat Daoust. Whlie the GHSC is requiring a master's degree, Rwanda HRH does not. The most significant difference in the programs, is that the Rwanda program has a large number of nursing and midwifery faculty (28 currently) working in all aspects of nursing and midwifery education throughout the country.

I am happy to answer any other questions.

Pat Daoust Replied at 7:35 PM, 4 Nov 2012

Hi Anne,

Thank you for the shout out regarding the Global Health Service Corps!
Just one correction: we required a minimum of a BSN with an advanced degree
preferred ( MSN, MPH, DNP,etc). Like your program in Rwanda, a minimum of
3-5 years experience in your area of clinical expertise is required in
order to serve as a clinical mentor...and experience as an *educator
is key*( classroom or in a clinical setting)

Pleased to note that we have had a very enthusiastic response across all
nursing/clinical disciplines. Applications close on Dec 1st. Please check
out our website:

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Pat Daoust

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