Obama’s Ethiopia Visit: An Opportunity for Health Diplomacy

By Donna Patterson | 23 Jul, 2015

FYI, a piece that I wrote on Obama's trip to Ethiopia and women's health in Ethiopia posted today: http://www.globalhealthnow.org/news/obama-s-ethiopia-visit-an-opportunity-for...



Maggie Sullivan Moderator Replied at 10:55 AM, 27 Jul 2015

Hi Donna - thank you for your post. I agree that though some may want to prioritize defense and human rights 'over' women's health in Ethiopia (or any country for that matter), they are actually intimately connected. As the recent Lancet Commission on Women and Health, the engangement of healthy women in society yields great benefits to all. I'd love to hear more about your work in Ethiopia and Senegal.

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Donna Patterson Replied at 11:57 AM, 29 Jul 2015

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, this is an important issue and apparently he did raise women's health during his African Union speech yesterday. I will take a look at the Lancet report. Of course, we can talk more about my projects, feel free to email me directly.

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