By Lorna Owens | 14 Jul, 2015

Footprints Foundation is extending an invitation to senior midwives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to join us for a one day workshop Oct 21, 2015.

Topics to be covered.

1. Complications of Pregnancy
2. Infection Control including proper hand washing technique
3. Use of Misoprostol.
4. Patient Centered Care.

If you are a midwife in Ethiopia we need to hear from you.

Venue to be determined



Katie Christie Replied at 8:51 AM, 14 Jul 2015

Hi There

I am a Midwife that works between Ethiopia and Tanzania.
I would be interested in hearing more about the workshop

Lorna Owens Replied at 9:29 AM, 14 Jul 2015


Thank you. Which hospital do you work at when you are in Ethiopia ? The workshop has two objectives. Sharing best practices and also start a discussion on how best to come together to help decrease obstetrical fistulas. We welcome your imput. Please help us spread the word.

Katie Christie Replied at 10:00 AM, 14 Jul 2015

Dear Lorna

I work with an organisation called Maternity Africa , in Ethiopia we have 2
of our own hospitals one in Barhirdar and another in Mille in the Afar
Dr Andrew Browning, a world leading fistula surgeon is my CEO. Our
organisation works with Fistula Repair - surgeries done by Andrew and other
Drs he has trainined throughout Africa. And I, as a Midwife head up the
Fistula prevention side of our project.
You may like to look at our website to get more of
an idea of what we do.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Tewodros Seyoum Replied at 11:26 AM, 14 Jul 2015

Dear lorna
thank you very much for your nice and updated information.Am a midwife
working in University of Gondar,department of midwifery as a lecturer and
am very interested on those topics.If you contact me with the following
Contact address.
Mobile No.:+251918031883

Tewodros Seyoum Nigussie
Lecturer( Msc in Clinical Midwifery)
University of Gondar
Department of Midwifery
PO.Box 196
Email Address :
Mobile # +251918031883

*University website @ Gondar:
<> < <>> *

Lorna Owens Replied at 1:53 PM, 14 Jul 2015

Thank you Pamela . I will look into it

Meseret Desta Haileyesus(SMW,BSC,MPH) Replied at 3:11 PM, 14 Jul 2015

HI Lorna,

Thanks for sharing. I will post this announcement on our Newsletter so that
all senior midwives and tutors they can access it.
Talk to you soon.


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