Open Access Global Health Nursing Materials needed

By Karen McClure | 18 Mar, 2014

I am searching for Open Access materials (including videos, articles, etc) for development of a Global Health Nursing Course. Can anyone recommend any resources? Thank-you so much!



Michele Upvall Replied at 8:19 AM, 18 Mar 2014

Rockhopper TV has excellent videos in its "Survival" series as well as the "Saving Lives' series. Here's the website:

Michele Upvall

Sarah Wallace Replied at 9:26 AM, 18 Mar 2014

Hi Karen,

Depending upon your audience, we at MAF make training and education films
for nurses and midwives in low resource settings. Although our films are
aimed at sub Saharan Africa they are being used by health workers across
the globe.

Our films are free and aimed at 2 audiences, one being skilled health
workers and other community health workers and communities, you can see our
full list of films available here:

All our films are available with voice over in French, Swahili and Somali,
although our cervical cancer films will not be available in additional
languages until later this month.

Again depenant upon your audience skill set, there are other multi-media
resources online from HealthPhone and Global
Health Media Project

Sarah Wallace Replied at 9:31 AM, 18 Mar 2014

Apologies, I sent the last post a little too fast :-) - here is the link to
our skilled health worker films to view online:

You will see the other modules available to view online on the right hand
menu of the website - all films are on the list that I attached in the
previous mail. I hope that these are of use.

Ellen Starr Replied at 9:44 AM, 18 Mar 2014

We at Grounds for Health have developed a comprehensive course for community health promoters in Cervical Cancer Prevention. It includes a facilitators guide, a step by step written curriculum and associated image based PowerPoint and a CHP resource book. It is available in both Spanish and English in both viewing and printing formats. Every effort has been made to make it accessible culturally and in simple language. I would be happy to answer any questions about it and it is available on our website:

Amy Stevens Replied at 11:30 AM, 18 Mar 2014

USAID has a Global Health eLearning Center at Additionally, there are open access materials located in the resources section of the partners in Health website. Global Health MOOCs are available on Coursera. Lots of materials on Nursing and midwifery public health initiatives are available on the WHO website. Thre are resource links available on the Johns Hopkins Global Nursing website, including those at

That said, are there GH nursing faculty on the discussion boards who would be willing to share other curricula materials?

Amy Stevens Replied at 5:50 PM, 18 Mar 2014

...and don't miss all the material on iTunes U.

Maggie Sullivan Moderator Replied at 10:51 PM, 20 Mar 2014

Hi Karen - always an important question. You can also type "open access" in the search term on this site, then select if you want to narrow down to a specific community (ie nursing). Some of our other favorites are here, with links attached. And to others, please continue to share as this is what makes knowledge-access-go-'round.

- International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences (IJANS)
- Global Health: Science and Practice
- Virtual libraries: HINARI, AGORA, OARE and ARDI
- Open Access for Africa libguide
- Jonas Center of Nursing Excellence: Improving Healthcare Through Nursing
- Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library's
- The Lancet Global Health

Attached resources:

Michele Sare Replied at 4:17 PM, 23 Mar 2014

Dear Karen - I am sharing another's magnificent work - below is a proposal
from Mr. Alex Berland - who - with his Canadian team - have put together
something quite remarkable for Bangladesh - a full curricula. Please follow
the links in his proposal below to learn more about their vision and

*From Mr. Alex Berland at **: *

*Proposal to develop a "creative commons" website for BSN curriculum*

Resources required

*Nurse educator with curriculum development expertise*.


To develop a web-based platform that will *enable a Canadian-supported
nurse education program in Bangladesh to share its curriculum materials
with other development projects.*

Background (see also )

*Bangladesh, like many other Less-Developed Countries [LDC], has a great
potential for success in developing nurses for employment at home and
abroad*. Unfortunately, nurse education in such countries often suffers
from weak instructional capacity as well as insufficient resources. Working
with Dhaka's International University of Business Agriculture and
Technology [IUBAT] since 2003, Canadian volunteers have launched a nursing
school. The first students graduated with Bachelor of Science in Nursing
[BSN] degrees in late 2009.

IUBAT is an English-medium university; the core BSN curriculum includes 20
classroom courses plus associated clinical labs. All the courses are based
on *international standard content, adapted for low-resource settings*.
This means addressing population health issues as well as differences in
social structure, attitudes to learning and professional values. In
addition, the courses use a "foundation and reiteration" or "spiral
learning" approach to support bright students who have weak English
language skills or poor secondary education.

As the Canadian volunteers supporting this project, we have invested much
effort to develop the BSN curriculum. Searching for resources, we found no
single source. To our knowledge, *the content we have created is unique*.
This now includes not only classroom lectures (mostly Power Point
presentations), but also learning resource packages, assignments and exams,
checklists for clinical practice, and administrative policies. Everything
is digitized - *we have created a BSN program for ESL learners that can be
delivered anywhere.*

Proposed activities

*We would like to make this curriculum material available to other programs
with similar aims in LDCs*. In order to prevent commercial exploitation, we
want some kind of Creative Commons arrangement, with access based on
permissions. We envision several phases for the work. This request for
support concerns just Phase 1, which would involve:

1. Updating and generalizing background documentation including
philosophy, goals and policy statements.

2. Clarifying objectives in each course with explicit linkage to the
overall competencies for program graduates.

3. Designing the best approach to structure the curriculum for
adaptation by other users.

4. Exploring options for sharing the material through Creative Commons
or similar arrangements.

5. Posting the first layer of information to test interest and engage
potential users.

Limited resources available

Our project is entirely self-supporting. We rely on individual donations
and receive no government funding. Except for web hosting and book-keeping
services, all funds raised are spent in Bangladesh. *We hope to find nurse
educators who will provide pro bono support for the Phase 1 work*. We think
it likely that we can get external funding but will need help to identify
potential sources.

For more information: Alex Berland

Emily Gatzke Replied at 9:42 AM, 3 Apr 2014

This is one of my favorite global health resources....

It is not focused on nursing specifically, but I feel like a lot of the content and approach is very relevant. In an academic setting, a professor could maybe assign certain modules/lessons. And the topics touch upon what I think are some of the most important global health challenges...including malaria, HIV/AIDS, perinatal care, and administrative and leadership-related topics like "HIV/AIDS surveillance" and "economic evaluation basics."

Maggie Sullivan Moderator Replied at 3:01 PM, 3 Jul 2014

Has anyone ever heard of, or used/read, the Open Nursing Journal? I received a solicitation for submissions and wanted to learn more about it before considering. It looks like they've published one volume/year since 2007. Thank you, in advance, for any opinions.

Attached resource:

Sumitra Sharma Replied at 6:00 AM, 4 Jul 2014

Maggie, This really is a great thing but I have not heard so far..... Want
to know about this journal in details. Please those who know about this
journal, specify more in details. Thank you in advance.

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