Publishers of "Where There Is No Doctor" launch mobile app

By zena herman | 18 Apr, 2013

From the publishers of "Where There Is No Doctor," the Safe Pregnancy and Birth App is the only comprehensive app on pregnancy and birth developed specifically for low-resource settings. Life-saving information is presented in clear, accessible language rich with illustrations, and an intuitive and friendly navigation—perfect for working with community health workers or midwives with varied literacy levels.

The app is available for free for Android or iPhone, and once downloaded, this vital material can be accessed in the most remote communities, with no internet connection required.

Safe Pregnancy and Birth contains a wealth of information on:
*how to stay healthy during pregnancy
*how to recognize danger signs during pregnancy, birth, and after birth
*what to do when a danger sign arises
*when to refer a woman to emergency care

Over 20 “How to…” instructions for community health worker skills provide step-by-step explanations such as “How to take blood pressure,” “How to treat someone in shock,” “How to stop bleeding,” etc.

In the trademark Hesperian Health Guides’ style, the app demystifies health information, and is presented in a warm, conversational tone.

Download the app for free from iTunes or the Google Play Store in either English or Spanish. Click here to download or learn more.



LLeni Pach Miller Replied at 7:56 PM, 18 Apr 2013

Excelent, quite useful, I would nee it in Spanish, do they have it?

zena herman Replied at 8:30 PM, 18 Apr 2013

Yes, the app is in Spanish!

You can download it for android here:

Or for iPhone here:

LLeni Pach Miller Replied at 8:58 PM, 18 Apr 2013

OK, thank you,

Naomi Enns Replied at 9:51 AM, 19 Apr 2013

I was able to give this excellent aid to nurse and staff at reproductive health educational clinic In N'djamena Chad in French and it was truly helpful for them through the information and the excellent pictures- When working with adults and children in low literacy areas we all know that pictures speak a thousand words. Having access to materials in poverty stricken areas is a must for quality health care to reach into the community and lives in order to empower selfcare and management of life- handing control back over to the individual no matter where they live. Thanks again for this information, Naomi

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