Recent Nursing Research of Interest: Journal of Nursing Scholarship

By Maggie Sullivan Moderator | 15 Feb, 2016

Four articles were recently published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship (Sigma Theta Tau International). Please see attacked links to the abstracts. These four seemed to be the most relevant to this community, though there were several other additional interesting articles. As always, please feel free to share articles and publications (and your comments on them) that you find useful.

1. The Evolution of World Health Organization's Initiatives for the Strengthening of Nursing and Midwifery

2. Which Aspects of Professional Commitment Can Effectively Retain Nurses in the Nursing Profession?

3. Global Nursing Issues and Development: Analysis of World Health Organization Documents

4. Addressing the Challenges of Conducting Research in Developing Countries

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David Cawthorpe Replied at 12:40 PM, 15 Feb 2016

Who's attacking the links?

Annie Mead Replied at 12:50 PM, 15 Feb 2016

Thanks so much Maggie. I am wondering if there is any way to download and distribute them without having to pay for them??

Maggie Sullivan Moderator Replied at 1:05 PM, 15 Feb 2016

David - Not sure what you mean by 'hacking the links?' When I go back and click on them, they all seem to work.
Annie - Because these aren't open access (freely available) articles, they are protected by copyright laws. I believe they're only available through an organizational, institutional or academic affiliation. For example, one can access them through a membership to Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI; link attached below). Unfortunately we're not able to freely distribute copyrighted materials.

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Claudia Lefko Replied at 1:09 PM, 15 Feb 2016

Is there a way to access the articles. I don't have an institutional affiliation that allows me to download them. THanks for the help.

Monique Germain Moderator Replied at 2:19 PM, 15 Feb 2016

Excellent! Maggie, we need to discuss these topics as they are relevant to us.

David Cawthorpe Replied at 4:02 PM, 15 Feb 2016

From your email

"Journal of Nursing Scholarship (Sigma Theta Tau International). Please see attacked links to the abstracts."

Milka Ogayo Moderator Replied at 4:56 AM, 16 Feb 2016

Hi Maggie,
Thanks so much for sharing these good ideas.

Karen Reed Replied at 7:26 AM, 16 Feb 2016

As noted, the articles are protected by copyright and cannot be distributed to a group. If you are in a country with access to HINARI, the WHO data base, you should be able to access the article.

Gebreamlak Gidey Abebe Replied at 12:25 PM, 16 Feb 2016

Great Thanks my lovely friend David for sharing this key information.

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