Recent Open Access Publications for Nurses

By Maggie Sullivan Moderator | 11 Jun, 2017

For some summer reading, I wanted to suggest a few recent open access articles for us all. Please feel free to reply with your own favorites, or publications you've earmarked for reading.

From therapeutic to elective cesarean deliveries: factors associated with the increase in cesarean deliveries in Chiapas

Skilled delivery inequality in Ethiopia: to what extent are the poorest and uneducated mothers benefiting?

Regional inequity in complete antenatal services and public emergency obstetric care is associated with greater burden of maternal deaths: analysis from consecutive district level facility survey of Karnataka, India

Onsite midwife-led birth units (OMBUs) for care around the time of childbirth: a systematic review

Need for more and better implementation science in global health

Current and future availability of and need for human resources for sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn health in 41 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa


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