Seeking a Midwife mentor who is now working in Public Health!

By Saba Danawala | 27 Sep, 2017

Hello Everyone!

I am currently living in Pakistan with my husband and come from a public health and policy background. I have been lucky to get to work on a wide range of Public Health topics, but have been really wanting to work closely with sexual and reproductive health. However, I am struggling a bit on figuring out how to get in this space in Pakistan (I plan to be here for about 2-3 years before I move with my husband to Australia).

I am thinking that since I plan to move to Australia in the next few years, perhaps I want to enter the sexual and reproductive health world in a more meaningful way - through midwifery. I am trying to arrange just observing a delivery here in Pakistan through local midwives and am taking an introductory course online through the University of Newcastle to get my feet wet.

Honestly, I do not know many midwives, and feel a little in a silo with some of my ideas. I am seeking to speak to someone who has successfully practiced midwifery as a proxy to better sexual and reproductive health. I do not want to become a midwife simply to just give up my public health background, but would rather like to be able to use it.

I know everyone's time is valuable, but I am seeking a mentor - someone who I can bounce these ideas off of and know more. I feel a little bit on the outside looking in, which can be a little difficult.




Chinomnso Obi peter Replied at 8:38 AM, 27 Sep 2017

I would be glad to help.
I am a Nigerian trained Midwife and have been working on SRHR as well.
Apart from Midwifery skills I work as the Founder of
Am sure we could share ideas.
If you drop your email I can reach you.

Sara Siddiqui Replied at 9:26 AM, 27 Sep 2017

Hi Saba,

Do you know about Neha Mankani's work in Lady Dufferin Hospital (Karachi)? She has studied midwifery and can help you get connected to the right people, hopefully. Don't know her personally but you can look up Mama Baby Fund on the internet and write to her. Let me know if I can be of any help. Best of luck!


Tayreez Mushani Replied at 10:03 AM, 27 Sep 2017

Dear Saba,

Please contact Raisa Gul, head of the Pakistan Nursing Council. She is also a midwife and can probably link you with the some individuals/organizations. Good luck!

Saba Danawala Replied at 2:04 AM, 28 Sep 2017

Thank you so much everyone.

Sara - I actually have been in touch with Neha (in fact met her last year).

Tayreez - thank you so much for giving me Raisa Gul's recommendation.

Saba Danawala Replied at 2:07 AM, 28 Sep 2017

Finally - does anyone know someone doing midwifery specifically in Lahore (that is where I am currently based)

Saba Danawala Replied at 2:10 AM, 28 Sep 2017

Oh and Chinomoso - is there a way I can contact you - I realize there's not a direct message area here :(

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