Speak up for disrespect and abuse during pregnancy and labor

By Meseret Desta Haileyesus(SMW,BSC,MPH) | 03 Sep, 2015

I have started a campaign on disrespect and abuse during pregnancy and labour. Please be part of the campaign. See the link below https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/30947-speak-up-for-disrespect-abuse



Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus Replied at 10:59 PM, 3 Sep 2015

Meseret, I posted to facebook and twitter to get thing started. However, it would be helpful if you could say more to us about your campaign so we can understand the aims and goals. Do you wish to simply raise awareness or do you have other steps that we can recommend to help stop abusive of women during childbirth?


Mark Karnes Replied at 4:18 AM, 4 Sep 2015

I also posted. We need to help promote
A "culture of caring".
Mark T Karnes DO

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