Volunteer Midwives needed for Africa

By Lorna Owens | 12 Nov, 2013

Footprints Foundation is committed to reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality in Low resource countries. We do so through a group of very dedicated Volunteers. If you feel you might like to join us,please let us hear from you.



dr kamlesh kakde Replied at 12:48 AM, 12 Nov 2013

myself dr kamlesh kakde, PG Hom London (pediatrics), secretory of Aas health foundation an NGO working in health sector at center of India (Nagpur). i am interested to help people relieving their sufferings worldwide as we are doing the same here in nagpur. pls let me know if i am of use to your mission.

Adanze Aguwa Replied at 2:49 AM, 12 Nov 2013

I am a medical doctor as well as a registered nurse and midwife. Currently I am facilitating training for healthcare workers including nurses, midwives and community extension workers in Nigeria.
It will be my pleasure to assist where my services will be needed.


Chinomnso Obi peter Replied at 3:54 AM, 12 Nov 2013

Dear Aguwa can I have your contact. I am A Maternal health young champion in Nigeria.

Lorna Owens Replied at 7:21 AM, 12 Nov 2013

Could you please email me your CV

Chinomnso Obi peter Replied at 11:28 AM, 12 Nov 2013

Lorna can you provide your email address.

Adanze Aguwa Replied at 12:04 PM, 12 Nov 2013

Chinomnso, what's your email address?


Chinomnso Obi peter Replied at 1:53 PM, 12 Nov 2013

John Elianu Replied at 12:29 AM, 13 Nov 2013

Dear Owen,
find attached my CV.

Lorna Owens Replied at 8:03 AM, 13 Nov 2013

We are also looking for Volunteer Obstetricians to teach doctors, nurses and traditional birth attendants.We have a great curriculum. We work at reducing maternal and infant mortality around the world.

olubunmi Lawal Replied at 9:41 PM, 14 Nov 2013

Dear Loma,
I wish to conmend you for this great work you are doing along side your team.
I am a RN,RM,PNP. I do have a foundation that care for children with congenital defects, neural tube defect and hydrocephalus.
I am a facilitator on neonatal resuscitation and
HIV counselling and testing. I am also trained in project management.
It will be my pleasure to contribute to this awesome effort.

Lawal Olubunmi
President Paediatric Nurses Association of Nigeria
National Hospital Abuja

Lorna Owens Replied at 10:29 PM, 14 Nov 2013

If you attached your CV I cannot find it. Does anyone know how to see attachment

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