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what went wrong with african health care systems?

By Keza Latifah Mashenge | 11 Sep, 2014

Africa's health care systems were highly developing sometimes ago. Currently, Africa has been affected by re-emerging and emerging diseases including but not limited to diseases like Ebola ,HIV, Malaria,TB and cancer.Since then, epidemics are wiping away societies in different African countries, and nothing is being done because governments have failed to acknowledge and set up strategies to fight against the issue. Note that not all governments are corrupt but they still fail to untangle the mystery behind these outbreaks. WHY? Is it the technology? Is it insufficient capital? untrained and unprofessional doctors? Aid-dependance?...Why?



Israel BIMPE Replied at 9:28 AM, 14 Sep 2014

Well, first is Africa is curing diseases but not preventing them. We need to step up research to find possible vaccines and drugs but our govs and investors still find less important to invest in health.
second, our education system do not clearly teach us to be researchers and professionals, imagine that I'm now going in my 4th year but never received an assignment to write a paper. worse, we learn to write research papers in 4th year. we are never allocated time to sit and read library, we are never given resources, as for me, I have to keep googling this and that to informed. I was recently ridiculous-ed in a intl conference where a student who is at the same level as me did a lab work to find a nano-drug form for praziquantel for children while my self here just went with a no sense presentation about technology in health (you know it's trending here).
Again, most of us medical & Pharmacy students are money motivated when joining univ than doing it for passion, hence just graduate and find ourselves a comfort zone without thinking about being a solution to real issues, see like in a class of 80, only 2 or 3 pursue their studies to higher levels for research. other just do masters for a bit more money and because the opportunity was just there.

the real issue is now capital, aid-dependence,... did you know that exams/test for ebola are done in europe, and africa has like only 2 or 3 electronic microscopes, just to mention these, there are things that you just can't do in Africa. only if we invest a lot in health. Rwanda has been developing medicine tourism, I believe the gov will find the need to invest a lot in the sector.

Keza Latifah Mashenge Replied at 10:54 AM, 14 Sep 2014

Exactly! I totally agree with students studying for money and not passion.

Abdilahi Mohamed H. Rabi Replied at 11:03 AM, 14 Sep 2014

I totally agree with you that most problem in Africa is by educational system which is not base by research fundamentals.

USMAN HABU Replied at 11:15 AM, 14 Sep 2014

Another factor is too much politics involved in the health sector,the professionals are more focused on getting relevance rather than absolute reliable health-care delivery. Inter-professional rivalry between the Medical drs,medical laboratory scientist,pharmacist,imaging scientist and physiotheraphist. All busy fighting for example who should be MD and who should not be,who should collect more allowances and who shouldn't,Drs fighting to head Laboratories and the laboratory scientist fighting back,which attract strike here and there all at the expense of the patient. Instead of the to focus on emerging diseases and progress,they are busy politicizing the health sector,its a pity. A particular case of Nigeria  Health sector. thanks

Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinant Sonyuy Replied at 7:12 AM, 15 Sep 2014

I agree with the point on Education. Our system of Education does not encourage research as much as it should. There is no vision for this. It takes 6-7 years to obtain PhD in Cameroon for example not because the persons are not bright but because of the politics involved in it all. Scientists here especially the young ones are not also adequately motivated for such investments of their life in research.

Sudip Bhandari Replied at 4:05 PM, 26 Sep 2014

We now have a new community focused specifically to Ebola response, in case members here are unaware about it. Please follow this link to the Ebola community:

Keza Latifah Mashenge Replied at 2:35 AM, 20 Apr 2015

Inefficient educational systems,politics, money oriented students, it's a pity to how the main problem with Africa's healthcare system are Africans themselves. This though does not mean that the least competent Africans can not make a change. Let's do our best.

Mwawi Nyirongo Replied at 3:18 AM, 20 Apr 2015

Thanks all those who have participated in this discussion! This shows that we have the passion for our patients. Let us join hands to build up our health systems. We know the weaknesses and am sure if we work towards one goal we are going to make it happen.The question is how can we make it happen? Let us set the ball rolling am very much encouraged about the concerns!

Ade Yahya Replied at 5:16 AM, 20 Apr 2015

I do agree with all of the comment and like many point out the problem starts from the way the teaching is done. Most curricula need to be review and target to the African's need. There is no need to take curricula from countries that are already established and try to implement it without change. and like someone said earlier African school need to promote research. There is a lot to do but if we can start from reviewing the teaching and then try to show people the benefit that they will gain from preventing rather than curring.

This Community is Archived.

This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.