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Setting up a Pharmacovigilance Unit in a resource limited hospital

by ntani nsutebu

Hi all, I am a Pharmacist working in hospital area in Cameroon. The field of pharmacovigilance in healthcare settings is almost completely absent. We hardly have a functional national pharmacovigilance program and the DRA does little or nothing with regards to follow-up of medicine use and safety. I am looking ... read more

Updated: 02 Aug, 2016
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UCSF HEAL Initiative Global Health Fellowship

by Phuoc Le

Dear Colleagues, UCSF is excited to accept applications to the HEAL Initiative, an innovative two-year post-residency global health fellowship dedicated to equipping physicians and nurse practitioners with the knowledge and expertise needed to serve effectively in resource-limited settings, both internationally and in the U.S. We currently have nearly 50 HEAL ... read more

Updated: 26 Jul, 2016
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The Physical Exam as Refuge: NY Times Article

natascha mezquia replied

I apologize in advance for my poor command of English, which could lead to communication problems read more

Updated: 24 Jul, 2016
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Updated: 28 Jun, 2016
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Dangerous Transitions: "Home with services"

by William Martinez

Interesting article from Washington Post describes the dangers of hospital discharge and recounts the story of a woman who died of a medication error after being "discharged home with services." While I often receive and review timely notes from the specialists that provide medical care for my patients and can ... read more

Updated: 29 May, 2016
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3rd Annual UCSF Global Health Bootcamp CME Course, October 11-14, 2016

Dilys Walker replied

Hi Phuc This course looks fabulous. Congratulations. I wonder if you would have any interest in adding simulation based training for emergency obstetric and neonatal management to the course. You can check out the PRONTO simulation strategy here . There was a recent PBS series, Global Health Frontiers which ... read more

Updated: 12 May, 2016
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Stories about substandard drugs

by Katherine Eban

I am a senior reporter for Fortune Magazine, currently at work on a book about the globalization of the drug supply, which will be published by Harper Collins. I am examining the problem of substandard medicines that have harmed patients in the developing world, and am hoping to speak with ... read more

Updated: 29 Apr, 2016
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Measuring and Improving quality of Primary Care in LMICs-looking for help

David Cawthorpe replied

You may like this app... User-defined e-record that can measure for any disorder the effect of clinical interventions! Treatment response and client tracking - TRACT read more

Updated: 10 Apr, 2016
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Quality through a health lens

by Noela Prasad

Hi, Quality in Healthcare is multi-dimensional and possibly quite challenging to quantify. Over the past couple of months, I've been seeking the opinion of colleagues across the world whose work involves eye health or prevention of vision loss. The richness of responses provided, makes it quite clear that quality cannot ... read more

Updated: 10 Apr, 2016
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2016 course on Building Design and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control

by David Mistretta

We are pleased to announce that after a year off, the continuing education course, "Building Design and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control" will again be held in Boston at the Harvard Medical School, 1 Aug to 12 Aug, 2016. This two-week (1 August 2016 – 12 August 2016), multidisciplinary ... read more

Updated: 06 Apr, 2016
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