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As access to care expands under the Affordable Care Act, the need to ensure the delivery of high quality care grows greater every day. Join quality and safety researchers, health care providers, policy advocates and other colleagues in sharing resources and tools for quality improvement and discussing challenges and strategies for improving the provision of high quality care.

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Setting up a Pharmacovigilance Unit in a resource limited hospital

by ntani nsutebu

Hi all, I am a Pharmacist working in hospital area in Cameroon. The field of pharmacovigilance in healthcare settings is almost completely absent. We hardly have a functional national pharmacovigilance program and the DRA does little or nothing with regards to follow-up of medicine use and safety. I am looking ... read more

Updated: 02 Aug, 2016
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UCSF HEAL Initiative Global Health Fellowship

by Phuoc Le

Dear Colleagues, UCSF is excited to accept applications to the HEAL Initiative, an innovative two-year post-residency global health fellowship dedicated to equipping physicians and nurse practitioners with the knowledge and expertise needed to serve effectively in resource-limited settings, both internationally and in the U.S. We currently have nearly 50 HEAL ... read more

Updated: 26 Jul, 2016
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The Physical Exam as Refuge: NY Times Article

natascha mezquia replied

I apologize in advance for my poor command of English, which could lead to communication problems read more

Updated: 24 Jul, 2016
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Updated: 28 Jun, 2016
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