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Reply to Linking experience with practice challenges

Tari Gilbert - June 13, 2014
Yes, I think that processing these things helps all involved. Best of luck to you, Tari Tari Gilbert
Global Health Nursing & Midwifery

Reply to Grieving in the middle of an epidemic

Tari Gilbert - Jan. 27, 2012
A beautiful and important question--thank you for raising it. Although the landscape has indeed changed, acknowledging and managing grief (my patients', but also my own) remains an active,daily part o...
Global Health Nursing & Midwifery

Reply to GHDonline Expert Panel: Sharing Nursing Lessons on Improving ART Adherence in Patients with Complex Needs

Tari Gilbert - April 22, 2011
I have also really enjoyed this discussion and have to agree with the many excellent points. Quite a bit of my current work is with acutely infected patients and indeed, receiving this diagnosis is a ...