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[ARCHIVED] HIV Prevention

Treatment as prevention??

Sarah Arnquist - May 11, 2010
Several recent headlines have touted massive expansions of HIV testing and antiretroviral treatment as effective means to prevent disease transmission. Dr. Brian Williams suggested in the (Guardian...
ARV drugs HIV PreP Scaling up & managing at scale South Africa treatment as prevention
[ARCHIVED] Adherence & Retention

Addressing low patient perception of ARVs

Alexander Ko - Jan. 8, 2009
In settings where drug quality is an issue (there are many counterfeits, for example), how do health care workers address patients' low perceptions of drug quality for ARVs? Addressing low patient per...
ARV drugs Community Health Workers
[ARCHIVED] Adherence & Retention

2007 ARV Drug Guide

2007 ARV Drug Guide Weintraub, MD Rebecca
ARV drugs Clinical Guidelines