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Platform-Bangladesh- A non-profit medical organization needs attention to work on health IT

Vivek podder - May 8, 2016
Hi, I am vivek from Bangladesh and an admin, research officer & web team activist from Platform- A medical organization in Bangladesh with a network of more than 31000 members. We are working on a...
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Bill placed to make tobacco control law more time befitting

Syed Mahbubul Alam - March 4, 2013
A bill, titled ‘Smoking and Usage of Tobacco based products (Control) (Amendment) Bill, 2013’, was placed in Parliament on Tuesday seeking to make the law more time befitting. Health and Family We...
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Local government’s role important for NCD prevention

Syed Mahbubul Alam - July 17, 2012
Local government’s role important for NCD prevention Only awareness can not control non-communicable diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetics and cancer. Changes at infrastructur...
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The potential role of tobacco control advocates in NCD prevention

Syed Mahbubul Alam - April 4, 2012
It is common knowledge within tobacco control that the only effective way to reduce tobacco use in populations is by changing the environment via policies. Targeting individual behaviour without chang...
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