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A digital microfluidic system for serological immunoassays in remote settings

Madhukar Pai - May 3, 2018
Please see this interesting work from Univ of Toronto. This article from STAT news provides a nice overview: A digital mic...
Diagnostic point-of-care system serology
Global Health Diagnostics

TB Breath- and Cough-testing Assays for TB Diagnosis

Sophia Georghiou - March 29, 2017
Breath represents an attractive target for the diagnosis of pulmonary TB cases, as breath samples may contain TB bacteria or MTB-specific biomarkers and can be collected through non-invasive procedure...
airborne infections Diagnostic point of care tuberculosis
Global Health Diagnostics

Influenza diagnostics

Madhukar Pai - Feb. 17, 2017
With the virulent form of bird flu being reported in China now (see
Diagnostic Influenza
Malaria Treatment & Prevention

Field partner for testing assay to detect Wolbachia in mosquitos?

Jacqueline Linnes - May 4, 2016
I am posting on behalf of a colleague at the University of Texas, Austin who has developed a test based on isothermal nucleic acid amplification (LAMP-based I believe) to detect Wolbachia and in mosq...
Diagnostic Diagnostics & Treatment field partner mosquito Vector Control Wolbachia
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Create to Innovate for Cancer Care

Lena Liu - Sept. 30, 2013
The Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care invites you to the Create to Innovate for Cancer Care event. This is a day long event focused on developing and prototyping for cancer care. It is a h...
blood cancer breast cancer cancer cancer care Cervical Cancer screening computer technology Conferences & Meetings Diagnostic diagnostics DIY Hardware Healthcare Lab Systems Medical technology Mobile Devices mobile technology Networking point of care prototype Software Technology wireless technology
MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention

Rapid Tuberculosis Diagnosis in Low-Income Countries - Journal Watch

Sophie Beauvais - June 12, 2012
An automated molecular test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and rifampin resistance demonstrated excellent sensitivity using untreated sputum from patients with suspected pulmonary infection. The ac...