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Check Out October's HIV Prevention Update from AIDSFree

Skyland Woll - Oct. 30, 2017 The AIDSFree Preve...
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HIV Treatment & Prevention

Implications of HIV Misdiagnosis Webinar

Lauren Alexanderson - Oct. 4, 2016
Attaining UNAIDS' 90–90–90 targets largely depends on the first 90 – correctly diagnosing 90 percent of all people living with HIV. Many people with HIV have already been diagnosed; an estimated 13 mi...
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HIV Treatment & Prevention

HIV Testing Services Community of Practice

Lauren Alexanderson - April 22, 2016
I just joined a community of practice of around 350 HIV testing services providers. They are having some interesting discussions lately on HIV partner notification. In addition, they are having a webi...
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HIV Treatment & Prevention

New! Interactive HIV Testing & Treatment Country Policy Database

Lauren Alexanderson - Feb. 9, 2016
The AIDSFree Guidance Database brings together national HIV testing and treatment guidance from many priority countries around the world. Use this interactive database to prepare guideline revisions f...
Adherence and Retention Antiretroviral treatment (ART) research Clinical Guidelines country context global health policy HIV hiv testing HIV testing and counseling HIV treatment Home-based HIV Testing and Counseling mobile testing Mother-to-child Transmission pmtct PreP treatment as prevention
HIV Treatment & Prevention

The Community Register Project: Improving Access to PMTCT Services in Zambia

John Nicholson - May 13, 2013
In Zambia’s Southern Province, the Community PMTCT Follow-up Register Project is improving access and adherence to HIV testing and treatment for pregnant women and their children. The program works th...
Adherence HIV testing and counseling Mother-to-child Transmission pmtct Zambia
HIV Treatment & Prevention

HIV Prevention India Case Studies

John Nicholson - April 9, 2013
Two new India Case Studies are now available on the AIDSTAR-One website. 1) Community-Based Initiatives for HIV Program Management among Most-at-Risk Populations ( Both NGO an...
Adherence and Retention ART hiv testing HIV testing and counseling India MSM
[ARCHIVED] HIV Prevention

Two New HIV Prevention Knowledge Base Topics

Daniel C - March 19, 2012
The HIV Prevention Knowledge Base is a collection of research and tools to help you find what works in prevention. This up-to-date collection of resources will help you identify and adapt evidence-bas...
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