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Global Health Diagnostics

Launch of the Community Health Toolkit!

Alix Emden - Dec. 5, 2018
Last week, Medic Mobile and a group of inspiring contributing partners, launched the Community Health Toolkit (CHT)! The CHT is a collection of open source technologies and open access resources. It’s...
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Health IT

Project Spotlight: ORB & Open Deliver: Digital Educational Content for Health Workers and Communities July 25-29

Joaquin Blaya, PhD - July 21, 2016
Hi everyone, We’re continuing with our Project Spotlights and next week (July 25-29) we’re going to have the group that has created Open Deliver for providing educational content to frontline health ...
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Global Health Nursing & Midwifery

Open Access Global Health Nursing Materials needed

Karen McClure - March 18, 2014
I am searching for Open Access materials (including videos, articles, etc) for development of a Global Health Nursing Course. Can anyone recommend any resources? Thank-you so much! Open Access Global ...
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