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[ARCHIVED] Population Health

A population health pioneer passes

Thomas Bauer - Aug. 22, 2016
Donald "D.A." Henderson led the international war on smallpox that resulted in its eventual eradication in 1980. This achievement was credited with saving tens of millions of lives. Henderson...
at risk populations communicable disease Donald Henaderson Global population health smallpox
Malaria Treatment & Prevention

Seeking Malaria/Communicable diseases intervention program opportunities

Dr. Osita Okonkwo - April 2, 2016
Hi, I am a public health physician and experienced program manager with 10+ experience in public health programming in resource poor setting. I have competencies in program development, advocacy, stra...
communicable disease developing countries Developing targeted interventions Diagnostics & Treatment funding malaria Operations & Logistics policy prevention program managers technical capacity Vector Control Volunteer & Work Opportunities
Malaria Treatment & Prevention

Health literacy and Malaria

Abha Shrestha - Feb. 6, 2014
I am doing my thesis on health literacy and I am trying to find some papers that talks about health literacy and malaria (or any communicable disease)... kindly let me know if you find any... Thank yo...
communicable disease Health Literacy malaria