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You can't treat what you don't know: stories of tuberculosis diagnosis

Madhukar Pai - Oct. 31, 2018
Please watch this wonderful short film on importance of early and accurate TB diagnosis & DST, by Rhea Lobo, an award winning film-maker from India.
diagnosis tuberculosis video
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“Before Xpert I only had my expertise”: A qualitative study on the utilization and effects of Xpert technology among pediatricians in 4 Indian cities

Marlon L. Bayot - May 2, 2018
Sharing with you this interesting study which may reflect the same scenarios regarding the use of Xpert in your country or locality. URL:
diagnosis Essential diagnostics list GeneXpert MTB/RIF Pediatric
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GeneXpert Omni - Hype or Hope? Concerns from the global diagnositc community

Kathleen England - Jan. 29, 2018
In 2015, Cepheid presented their prototype point-of-care device, GeneXpert Omni, a single-module battery powered platform expected to extend testing below district-level in remote settings. Since intr...
diagnosis GeneXpert MTB/RIF HIV early infant diagnosis HIV viral load testing tuberculosis
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Unitaid seeks to reduce child mortality with better fever diagnosis

Madhukar Pai - Dec. 21, 2017
Please see this announcement about improving fever diagnosis: Unitaid’s Executive Board approved a plan to focus investments on childhood fever management to prevent deaths and address the overuse...
diagnosis fever
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Zika, chikungunya and dengue

Madhukar Pai - Dec. 3, 2017
Please see this new review in BMJ Global Health: The authors discuss the challenges in differential clinical diagnosis between these three diseases, and argue ...
Chikungunya Dengue diagnosis zika virus
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Diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis

Madhukar Pai - Nov. 30, 2017
The attached review in Nature Rev Neurology contains a detailed section on diagnosis of TB meningitis. Also relevant is the recent study on Xpert Ultra for TBM. Both papers are attached. Best...
diagnosis tuberculous meningitis
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Diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis

Madhukar Pai - Nov. 22, 2017
All, Here is an extensive review on pediatric TB diagnosis, just published in Reference Module in Biomed Sciences. Best Madhu Diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis Madhukar Pai
children diagnosis Pediatric TB tuberculosis
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Earlier diagnosis of (pediatric) cancers by CHWs

Joris Van Dam - Nov. 20, 2017
Dear All, The other day I ran into an exciting and energizing global health entrepreneur, whose initiatives I thought might be of interest to this forum. Cr Bea Bakshi and her colleagues have b...
access to diagnostics cancer Community Health Worker diagnosis information & communication technologies mobile Health mobile technology Pediatric surgical care
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Patient centred diagnosis

Madhukar Pai - Nov. 5, 2017
Please see this interesting BMJ paper. We usually focus on technology in diagnostics, but not on the patient. This paper makes these key points: -Patient centred diagnosis is best practised through...
diagnosis patient-centered care
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Nice review on diagnosis of fungal infections

Madhukar Pai - Oct. 25, 2017
Lancet Infectious Diseases has published a series on fungal infections and the attached article includes a nice overview on diagnostic challenges with fungal infections and diagnostic lab capacity req...
Clinical Diagnostics diagnosis fungal infections
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Do rats pass the sniff test?

Madhukar Pai - Oct. 18, 2017
The latest issue of IJTLD carries the attached study on the ability of giant African pouched rates to detect TB, along with my accompanying editorial entitled "Do rats pass the sniff test?". Hero ...
diagnosis rats tuberculosis
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Viral Load & Early Infant Diagnosis Resources

Lauren Alexanderson - April 13, 2017
Members of this group may be interested in resources from AIDSFree's Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis Database. For example, on March 22, we held a webinar with Dianna Edgil and Jason Williams of...
Announcements Clinical Guidelines community viral load diagnosis HIV Mother-to-child Transmission Scaling up & managing at scale treatment as prevention viral load
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A lack of innovation in diagnostics is making Indians more prone to drug-resistant TB

Madhukar Pai - March 3, 2017
Hi All, Please see this interesting and insightful analysis in The Wire, on why TB diagnosis remains a huge challenge in India.
diagnosis tuberculosis
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Diagnosis of yellow fever

Madhukar Pai - Feb. 28, 2017
Yellow fever is an ongoing concern in some parts of the world, and the attached resources on diagnostics might be helpful. We have experts in this community who should be able to respond to questio...
diagnosis yellow fever
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Laboratory Diagnosis of Melioidosis

Biswaroop Chatterjee - Feb. 6, 2017
Melioidosis extends far beyond the well-known endemic areas of Southeast Asia and northern Australia, and is seen in Central and South America, several islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans, and p...
diagnosis Essential diagnostics list Laboratory Melioidosis
MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention

Framework of indicators and targets for laboratory strengthening under the End TB Strategy

WHO recently published a useful framework to assist with the planning of laboratory network systems in view of the objectives of the End TB strategy by 2030:
diagnosis laboratories standards
Malaria Treatment & Prevention

Why are we over treating "Malaria"

Simon Onsongo - Nov. 5, 2015
I notice with some concern the tendency of clinicians to over treat for "malaria" in patients who present with fever or what i call "malaria like" symptoms. In my facility which is a busy hospital in ...
acute febrile illnesses diagnosis Diagnostics & Treatment malaria
TB Infection Control

Cough coaching resources?

Robert Flick - Dec. 1, 2014
Dear colleagues, We find that many patients who screen positive for TB at the facilities we support don't provide sputum for diagnostic evaluation. To facilitate bacteriologic confirmation of TB, w...
Administrative Controls Case finding diagnosis Mycobacterium tuberculosis Training
[ARCHIVED] Ebola Response

Controlling Ebola: next steps

Sudip Bhandari - Oct. 8, 2014
I want to draw your attention to this important Lancet article “Controlling Ebola: next steps” that was published this morning. The authors discuss three steps to contain Ebola within 6 months: early ...
containment diagnosis ebola Human resources for health optimizing response
TB Infection Control

A systematic review comparing microscopy to culture for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in induced sputum samples

Rebecca Roby - March 12, 2012
Pulmonary TB is commonly diagnosed by microscopic examination of spontaneously expectorated sputum however, smear microscopy lacks sensitivity and only 57% of notified new pulmonary cases in 2010 were...
diagnosis global health MSF Sputum Induction tb