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[ARCHIVED] Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network

The case against saturated fat

Justin Zaman - Feb. 10, 2015
The case against saturated fat continues to falter. If true, this is one of the biggest public health cock-ups in history. The authors argue that in a way, the obesity epidemic has been caused by the ...
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[ARCHIVED] Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network

New Article on the impact of soda on health

Thea Joselow - May 9, 2013
Hi everyone, We're really pleased to share this article on the health impacts of sodas and sugar sweetened beverages by Arogya World fellow, Mohinder Watson, PhD. I hope you enjoy it, and encourage ...
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[ARCHIVED] Non-Communicable Diseases

New NCD film produced by WHO

Paul Garwood - May 3, 2011
Please find a new 6 minute film produced by WHO on the NCDs epidemic. The film was released 28 April during the global NCDs conference in Moscow.
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