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Seeking for Documentation of a Family Planning-Related Digital Health Service

Yudha Saputra - March 23, 2016
A member from Global Digital Health Network, Trinity Zan, just gave a notification in my inbox this morning, regarding to seeking documentation of a family planning-related digital health service. Hop...
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The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) and its Maternal Health Supplies Caucus

Amy Metzger - Jan. 23, 2015
The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) is a global partnership of public, private, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to ensuring that all people in low- and middle-income countri...
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New Family Planning Advocacy Tools

Anne Marie Hvid - June 5, 2014
Each year, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT surveys as many as 43 countries on a number of indicators related to contraceptive security (CS). The CS indicator survey focuses on areas critical to ensuring t...
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Community Health Systems Catalog

Alexis Strader - March 3, 2014
Greetings Everyone, I wanted to share with you a new resource, the Community Health Systems Catalog, that was just published by Advancing Partners and Communities (APC), a project implemented by JS...
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Announcing the Launch of the Family Planning and Immunization Integration Toolkit!

Shannon Davis - Jan. 14, 2014
The Family Planning (FP) and Immunization Integration Toolkit makes evidence-based information and tools accessible to health professionals and others around the world. The toolkit includes resources ...
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Permanent Methods Toolkit Completes the Long Acting and Permanent Methods Toolkit Series

Shannon Davis - Sept. 19, 2013
K4Health is pleased to announce the third Toolkit in the Long Acting and Permanent Methods (LA/PMs) Toolkit series, the Permanent Methods Toolkit ( ...
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New Infographic on the Impact of Contraceptives

Anne Marie Hvid - May 28, 2013
A new infographic, produced by the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, illustrates the impact that contraceptive commodities have on the prevention of deaths related to pregnancy, child birth, and newborns. In t...
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Are there any evidence based studies that look at the impact of integration of services

Pamela Marks - Oct. 1, 2012
Integration and linkages of services have become a hot button topic, especially as it pertains to ART, PMTCT and family planning services. Can anyone point me in the direction of evidence based stud...
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Postpartum family planning (PPFP) demand generation and social and behavior change communication (SBCC): The role of CHWs

Dana Weber - Sept. 18, 2012
Visit CHW Central at and join the Conversation! In recognition of World Contraception Day on September 26th, is hosting an expert panel from the Maternal and Ch...
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Case Study: Integrating Family Planning and HIV Services

John Nicholson - March 25, 2011
Case Study: Integrating Family Planning and HIV Services Nicholson John
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