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[ARCHIVED] Designing Provider Incentives

Minimizing Waste in Health Systems

Spencer Chenoweth - Dec. 11, 2015
Extend medicare's coverage to cover observational study time. Observation studies are a loop in medicare coverage where a patient can be asked to stay at a hospital for up to three days. Medicare does...
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[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

"Medicare Star Ratings Allow Nursing Homes to Game the System"

Sudip Bhandari - Aug. 25, 2014
I want to share this worrisome article that brings to light some flaws in a federal quality assessment tool which uses star ratings to rank nursing homes in the United States. The article includes a f...
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[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Hospital Visit Rate After Outpatient Surgery -- Meaningful Quality Metric?

Thomas Tsai - June 26, 2014
Medicare is considering measuring the hospitalization rate (e.g. admission/readmission/ED visit) following routine outpatient surgery as a metric of ambulatory surgical quality. What are your thought...
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