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[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Med Speak - A barrier to shared decision making

Thomas Bauer - March 14, 2017
I have recently been involved with the building of the electronic communication between our Electronic Medical Record and patient education. I rapidly realized I did not understand the language we we...
Health Literacy low health literacy patient activation Patient adherence Shared decision making
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Moving from Informed to engaged and activated... A discussion of Motivational Interviewing and Shared Decision Making

Thomas Bauer - Nov. 22, 2016
In the United States more than one-third (35.7 percent) of adults are considered to be obese. More than 1 in 20 (6.3 percent) have extreme obesity. Almost 3 in 4 men (74 percent) are considered to be ...
at risk populations CHWs clinical outcomes Global population health health outcomes Motivational interviewing Obesity patient activation Patient adherence Patient Centered Medical Homes Payment Models Rural settings Shared decision making Urban Settings weight loss
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Pokémon a possible solution to patient education and activation?

Thomas Bauer - Aug. 3, 2016
Pokémon has millions of individuals across the world up, active and engaged in the game. Can this type of technology help individuals successful learn about their health conditions, engage and rewar...
CHWs Global population health motivation Obesity patient activation Patient Centered Medical Homes Patient Education Patient Engagement Payment Models Rural settings
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Cultural Respect

Thomas Bauer - July 25, 2016
According to the NIH “Culture is often described as the combination of a body of knowledge, a body of belief and a body of behavior. It involves a number of elements, including personal identification...
cost of care cultural competence Cultural sensitivity health outcomes patient activation patient satisfaction
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Patient Engagement- 5 possible questions

Thomas Bauer - March 23, 2016
Atul Gwande, author of “Being Mortal” proposed the use of five question for end of life decision making. They are as follows: 1. What is your understanding of where you are and of your illness? 2...
CHWs clinical outcomes health outcomes patient activation Patient Centered Medical Homes Patient Enagement patient satisfaction Rural settings Urban Settings
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Are games a potential resource to address low health literacy?

Thomas Bauer - June 23, 2015
Is gamification of complex medical conditions and testing a viable teaching method to increase levels of health literacy? According to an article in Scientific American " Video games are playing a...
clinical outcomes Health Literacy low health literacy patient activation Patient Engagement patient satisfaction
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

How to "Implement Shared Decision Making and other tools" in moving from informed to engaged and activated

Thomas Bauer - June 15, 2015
Shared decision making has been defined as an ‘interpersonal and interdependent’ process composed of three essential elements: recognition of the need for a decision; understanding of the best evidenc...
clinical outcomes patient activation Patient Centered Medical Homes Patient Engagement Patient Safety patient satisfaction Shared decision making
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Low health literacy & Mortality

Thomas Bauer - May 29, 2015
“In a large cohort of patients who were discharged home after being hospitalized for acute HF, those who scored at or below the mean on a health-literacy screening test were 32% more likely to die wit...
Cardiology cost effectiveness Health Literacy patient activation Patient adherence Patient Centered Medical Homes population health Triple Aim
[ARCHIVED] Innovating Health Care Delivery

Thought-provoking post on the concept of participatory medicine

Mighty Casey - Dec. 5, 2014
A new post on the blog (Society for Participatory Medicine) makes a case for patient autonomy, not just participation in care. One of many cogent points: "In business, true partners ...
participatory medicine patient activation Patient Centered Innovations Patient Engagement
Health IT

A National Action Plan To Support Consumer Engagement Via E-Health

Pamela Marks - Feb. 5, 2013
There is growing evidence that shows that consumer/patient engagement via e-health does achieve better health and healthcare. This article is more geared to the US but worth a read nevertheless. Add...
health IT strategy Mobile Devices patient activation