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[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Can my patient understand the education I have provided ?

Thomas Bauer - Jan. 17, 2017
As healthcare professionals we have learned a new language ( medical terminology) and have become proficient in its use. During my work in creating easy for patients to understand materials I have fo...
CHWs Health Literacy low health literacy Patient Centered Medical Homes Patient Education patient empowerment Payment Models Rural settings Urban Settings
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Improving access of quality vetted health information......

Thomas Bauer - May 24, 2016
According to the CDC, 74% of all U.S. adults use the Internet, and 61% have looked for health or medical information on the Internet. Additionally, 49% have accessed a website that provides informatio...
clinical outcomes Health Literacy health outcomes low health literacy patient empowerment Patient Engagement
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Wearables, Apps, Patient Portals....oh my...

Thomas Bauer - April 21, 2016
The explosion of technology that measure, monitor and inform individuals about their health status continues to explode. Are these devices accurate, how do they integrate into the EMR and the plan of...
clinical education health outcomes mobile technology patient empowerment Patient Engagement
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Controversial responses: Are patients 'consumers' of healthcare?

Thomas Bauer - July 14, 2015
This week I read an intriguing discussion about the "consumer" movement in health care. The attached article provides some interesting thoughts on "consumerism" in health care . The article details...
Advocacy Consumerism patient empowerment Patient Partnerships
Health IT

Empowering Citizens as Drivers of e-Health Innovation

Sven Jungmann - June 21, 2015
Dear colleagues, I co-authored a piece on inclusive health IT innovation together with the head of the eHealth and Wellbeing Unit at the European Commission for which I'd love to hear your thoughts...
Citizen engagement Diffusion of Innovations digital literacy eHealth electronic health record Healthcare Policy Health Literacy Innovation patient empowerment telemedicine
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

On Line Support Groups and Clinical Outcomes- Is this a promising opportunity?

Thomas Bauer - May 29, 2015
Having recently lost a significant amount of weight I learned the value of my on line support group. Without their support, I do not believe I would have achieved the long-term success I have achieve...
Global population health online social support Patient Centered Medical Homes patient empowerment Patient Engagement
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Patient Access to Electronic Health Records During Hospitalization

William Martinez - April 3, 2015
Here is an interesting article form a recent JAMA Internal Medicine that relates to our ongoing thread about "The Healing Power of Your Own Medical Records" In this study, hospitalized patients wer...
EHR medical errors patient empowerment Research