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HIV Treatment & Prevention

Add Qualitative Methods to your HIV research at the McGill Summer Institute!

Hello everyone, There is growing interest in the HIV world to integrate qualitative methods into traditional operational and biomedical research to better understand how and why some interventions ...
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Global Health Diagnostics

Coordination work and frictions at POC

Nora Engel - Jan. 29, 2018
Dear All, In following up on the discussion on anthropological research on diagnostics/diagnosing: Please find attached another qualitative paper on the challenges of diagnosing at POC. This paper ...
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Health IT

Your expert insights please! eHealth implementation in limited-resource settings

Jennifer Sisto - July 7, 2015
Hi there! I am conducting an assessment of eHealth Implementation in limited-resource settings per my work with UC Berkeley Center for Global Public Health and hoping to make connections in this group...
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MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention

"I cry everyday"; experiences of patients co-infected with HIV and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Petros Isaakidis - July 17, 2013
Dear all, We have conducted a qualitative operational research project in Mumbai, India to understand patient's challenges in adhering to treatment for MDR-TB/HIV co-infection. Our study report was ...
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[ARCHIVED] Adherence & Retention

Adherence in antiretroviral therapy: a review of qualitative studies

Sophie Beauvais - May 29, 2008
Adherence in antiretroviral therapy: a review of qualitative studies Beauvais Sophie
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