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[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Can Parents Help Identify Error in Their Children's Care?

William Martinez - March 29, 2016
Study in JAMA Pediatrics had a prospective cohort of parent(s) report any errors in the care of their hospitalized child. 1 in 11 families (of 471 families enrolled in study) reported that their chi...
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Health IT

New Guidelines for the Reporting of mHealth Evaluation and Research: in BMJ TODAY!

LINK: Over the past decade, the global "mobile phone" revolution has inspired 1000's of global health innovation proj...
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[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Free software from AHRQ easily creates cost and quality reports and websites

Isabelle Celentano - May 30, 2014
The choice between measuring something and failing or not measuring it all is especially relevant to the reporting of cost, quality and safety measures in hospitals and other practices. These institut...
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Syndromic Surveillance Systems in Africa

Mischa Shattuck - Oct. 24, 2011
Does anyone know if any countries in Africa have active, successful syndromic surveillance at a national level? If multiple countries have syndromic surveillance, is there one- or a few, that are con...
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[ARCHIVED] HIV Prevention

Process management

Maria May - March 6, 2011
Dear Elena, I wanted to say thanks for posting this resource--I'm working with several NGOs in the US and Bangladesh on documentation and have been asked several times for advice on real-time (unsupp...
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