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[ARCHIVED] Non-Communicable Diseases

Unspoken epidemic: the NON educating doctors.

Nicole Jadue - Oct. 27, 2014
I donĀ“t speak Chinese, but imagining how my patients feel when I start talking about NCDs and what the goals and target in treatment are. I imagine they feel I'm speaking Mandarin. Although I work rea...
cancer Cardiovascular Diseases Chronic Respiratory Diseases Diabetes education NCD Patient adherence Patient Education resource poor setting resource-poor settings Risk Factors & Prevention
[ARCHIVED] Adherence & Retention

Cost-effectiveness of adherence interventions in resource-poor countries?

Hannah Mogul-Adlin - June 29, 2009
Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any studies that discuss the cost effectiveness of various adherence interventions in resource-poor settings. There seem to be many from the US and other...
Adherence cost-effectiveness developing countries interventions Monitoring & Measurement quanitative resource-limited settings resource-poor settings