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Automated TruTip nucleic acid extraction and purification from raw sputum

Madhukar Pai - July 11, 2018
Please see this interesting technology to extract nucleic acids from sputum samples: Automated TruTip nucleic acid extractio...
nucleic acid amplification sample processing sputum tb
MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention

MDR TB community infection control (outside of health units/households) after sputum conversion

Dear all, I would like to hear your opinions and recommendations regarding infection control measures for patients on MDR TB treatment that have already achieved sputum conversion; particularly, me...
Clinical Guidelines infection control sputum
TB Infection Control

TB and the Rheology of sputum: alcohol, tobacco smoking, and crowded bars

jayanth devasundaram - Feb. 4, 2009
Does anyone know of any work done to characterize the flow properties (rheology) of sputum as a factor in the spread of TB? Does the consumption of alcohol act as an expectorant and enhance the dissem...
flow properties Personal Respiratory Protection rheology sputum tb