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Under-testing for TB in the Indian private health sector

Madhukar Pai - Oct. 1, 2018
Please see this new paper in PLoS Medicine, based on our large, two-city study on quality of TB care delivered by private sector providers in India. The study used standardized (simulated) patients to...
India private health sector testing tuberculosis
[ARCHIVED] HIV Prevention

Mobile testing in Congo

Claire Cole - Aug. 30, 2010
An article noting success in using mobile clinics to increase status awareness (as a means of prevention) in the Congo. While apparently well-received, the mobile units do not appear to be reaching ma...
mobile units Scale Scaling up & managing at scale testing
[ARCHIVED] HIV Prevention

Obama addresses HIV prevention to group of Young African leaders

Sarah Arnquist - Aug. 4, 2010
President Obama recalled being publicly tested for HIV near the Kenyan village where his father was born during an address Tuesday to young leaders from 40 Sub-Saharan African nations visiting Washi...
global health initiative HIV prevention Kenya Obama PEPFAR Scaling up & managing at scale testing
[ARCHIVED] Adherence & Retention

Data on HIV prevention, treatment and adherence

Greg Snyders - Jan. 15, 2010
Greetings! I am part of a team of MIT and Harvard graduate students doing a research project for an HIV care management organization based in South Africa. They have a unique HIV education, counseli...
Adherence counseling data HIV Monitoring & Measurement Patient Education testing treatment
[ARCHIVED] Adherence & Retention

The Costs and Effectiveness of Four HIV Counseling and Testing Strategies in Uganda

Rebecca Weintraub, MD - Feb. 17, 2009
The Costs and Effectiveness of Four HIV Counseling and Testing Strategies in Uganda Weintraub, MD Rebecca ral ss BioMed CentBMC Pediatrics Open ...
counseling HCT HIV testing Uganda