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[ARCHIVED] Ebola Response

The Story of Ebola: new film for communities at risk

deborah van dyke - July 8, 2015
Dear all, Global Health Media Project is pleased to announce the release of our latest public health animation. The Story of Ebola--produced in collaboration with the International Federation of R...
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[ARCHIVED] Ebola Response

ProMED list for information on outbreaks

Sudip Bhandari - April 2, 2015
I thought this would be an interesting resource for members here to know about and follow. ProMED is a moderated list serve that collects and distributes data on outbreaks. Link is attached below. The...
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[ARCHIVED] Adherence & Retention

A clinical challenge from the frontlines in Botswana: HIV2.0

Cecil Haverkamp - Jan. 11, 2013
I am told many in this forum might enjoy a good clinical challenge and an opportunity to impress peers: 39 year old with HIV, fully suppressed on Atripla, immunological failure CD4 54. Bilateral mi...
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[ARCHIVED] Adherence & Retention

HIV Treatment in Complex Emergencies

Daniel C - June 21, 2012
Continuity of HIV treatment is made difficult by disasters. This report uses case studies to review HIV treatment programming during complex emergencies that are both short- and long-term in nature an...
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[ARCHIVED] HIV Prevention

What will it take to eliminate pediatric HIV?

Daniel C - May 19, 2012
In this Spotlight on Prevention, R. J. Simonds and Laura Guay from the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation discuss how an unprecedented expansion of HIV prevention and treatment programs during...
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[ARCHIVED] Adherence & Retention

Data on HIV prevention, treatment and adherence

Greg Snyders - Jan. 15, 2010
Greetings! I am part of a team of MIT and Harvard graduate students doing a research project for an HIV care management organization based in South Africa. They have a unique HIV education, counseli...
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MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention

Policy Guidelines for Collaborative TB and HIV Services for injecting and other drug users: An Integrated Approach

Sophie Beauvais - Aug. 4, 2008
Policy Guidelines for Collaborative TB and HIV Services for injecting and other drug users: An Integrated Approach Beauvais Sophie
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