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Malaria Treatment & Prevention

Invitation to submit ideas for a 10,000€ community action prize

Helena Harnik - Aug. 25, 2016
Hi everyone, we have just launched a community action prize which is awarding 10,000€ to implement the best initiative or idea to combat dengue. I thought I would share it here as you might already ha...
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[ARCHIVED] Ebola Response

Subduing the Ebola Virus.

As the Ebola viral disease epidemic is being conquered in West Africa, the greatest challenge is how to prevent the re-occurrence of the disease in West Africa or else where in the world. In veiw of ...
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TB Infection Control

TB vaccine trial

Pamela Marks - Feb. 6, 2013
Good day, I thought others might find the recent TB vaccine trial study of interest, I beleive it is one of the few to be done in decades. Though the results not promising still alot we can learn fr...
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