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[ARCHIVED] Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network

Consultation on Personalized Health Technology

Gillian Christie - July 27, 2015
Dear Colleagues, The Vitality Institute is pleased to launch a 90 day global public consultation to obtain feedback on a draft set of guidelines for personalized health technology. This follows a ...
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[ARCHIVED] Innovating Health Care Delivery

wearables to help with stress anxiety depression

james a. - March 16, 2015
Hello, Im posting on here for some advice and support. For a submission to a wearables in health care contest. I have been working on a project that aims to help people manage their stress anxiety a...
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[ARCHIVED] Innovating Health Care Delivery

Wearable technology in health

Madhura Bhat - Jan. 21, 2014
Google is testing a "smart contact lens" that can help measure glucose levels in tears. A number of devices were revealed at this year's CES from a connected toothbrush, to a sensor to track infants. ...
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