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Volunteering as a french experienced surgeon

By jean philippe berthet | 15 Mar, 2015

Dear colleagues,

Do you have any advises or contacts to apply for volunteering as an experienced French Surgeon with special skills abroad for long term mission?
I would prefer to avoid non efficient positions and false surgical missions with high fees.

Current position:
Senior Surgeon and Vice-Chairman, Department of General, Thoracic&Vascular Surgery
University Hospital of Montpellier, Montpellier, France
Post-Doctorate University of Montpellier, Montpellier, France

Best wishes



Haytham Kaafarani Replied at 1:40 PM, 15 Mar 2015

Jean Philippe,
Salut de Boston.
I would recommend looking into Medecins Sans Frontieres, France section. I
have been active with them for a few years, and they have quite a few
interesting surgical missions around the globe. I just returned from the
DRC myself 2 weeks ago.
Good luck,

Haytham Kaafarani, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Harvard Medical School
Director, Patient Safety & Quality
Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery & Surgical Critical Care

Nderitu Joshua Replied at 1:57 PM, 15 Mar 2015

U  have  been doing cardiothoracic surgery?

Raymond Price Replied at 3:00 PM, 15 Mar 2015

There is a cardiac thoracic group from the Brigham and Women's Hospital at Harvard (I think called One Heart) that might be a place to look.


jean philippe berthet Replied at 6:03 PM, 15 Mar 2015

Vascular and thoracic (non cardiac) surgery

Le dimanche 15 mars 2015, Nderitu Joshua via GHDonline <
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jean philippe berthet Replied at 6:04 PM, 15 Mar 2015

Thank you Ray,
I'll check that

Le dimanche 15 mars 2015, Raymond Price via GHDonline <>
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jean philippe berthet Replied at 6:10 PM, 15 Mar 2015

Thank you Haytham,
et Bonjour de Montpellier. .
MSF have few short missions.
What about long term missions?

Le dimanche 15 mars 2015, Haytham Kaafarani via GHDonline <
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Haytham Kaafarani Replied at 6:23 PM, 15 Mar 2015

You can negotiate lengths with them. Typically 6-8 weeks, but they are
flexible with surgeons and might be OK with longer assignments in missions
where there is less security related stress and burnout risk.

jean philippe berthet Replied at 6:48 PM, 15 Mar 2015

Dear Joshua, thank you for your answer.

In France Thoracic surgery (lung, pleural space, mediastinum, trachea,
oesophagus, thoracic aorta...) and cardiac surgery are two different skills
(2 different specialities). Vascular surgery is as well another speciality.
I am Thoracic non cardiac (DESC I) and Vascular surgeon (DESCII) with
special skills in VATS lobectomy and endovascular treatment of Vascular
I have only spent 1.5 year in a cardiac department during my
internship(1994-1999), and currently I work together with cardiac surgeon
when I perform resection of T4 locally advanced lung cancer. Thus sometime,
I assist cardiac surgeon.
I would prefer to apply according to my skills and

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Gurpal Bindra Replied at 6:52 PM, 15 Mar 2015

dear phillippe

there is a need in india,a hospital is looking for a general surgeon,its a
himalayan community. i can put you in touch if it interests you.the
duration is of your caters to about 70 villages a pop of 45,000.

jean philippe berthet Replied at 6:54 PM, 15 Mar 2015

Si, I will t'y to negociate.
Thx for your advises

Le dimanche 15 mars 2015, JP BERTHET <> a écrit :

jean philippe berthet Replied at 12:35 AM, 16 Mar 2015

Dear Bindra,
thank you for your help. I am really interested, how could we proceed?
My mail: or
Best wishes

Le dimanche 15 mars 2015, Gurpal Bindra via GHDonline <>
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Catherine Kress Replied at 5:02 AM, 16 Mar 2015

If you are interested in teaching, you might consider the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Program in Rwanda.

If interested - send me an e-mail at and I can provide you specific contacts.


Ceeya Patton-Bolman Replied at 6:22 AM, 16 Mar 2015

We, Team Heart, are part of a long term surgical development program to increase access to surgical care of cardiac disease in Rwanda and have just completed our 8th trip to Rwanda. (Thank you Dr. Price). We are based out of Boston, but have volunteers from 15 US states and 3 countries.

HRH-Rwanda would be a perfect place for someone with your background and although the website used to require a year commitment, they take 2- months as well as 1 year commitments.
Even if they do not list a thoracic surgeon, I would follow up.

There is a huge need for a thoracic surgery in Rwanda and region , where there is NONE-- a surgeon in Uganda visits every few months and does cases as needed at only the private King Faisal Hospital....Teaching needs, of course are huge in the medical community, with a wonderful and forward thinking Principal (Philip Cotton, Glaskow) and Dean (Dean Patirck) of the Medical School at the University of Rwanda. Care delivery is challenged a and while PIH has established a cancer center in the North of the country, there is not a full time surgeon as of a few months ago--although I understand they are actively looking and might have found someone.

If I were you, I would contact the Chief of Surgery, and CEO of King Faisal Hospital, also the website of HRH-Rwanda and the Clinical Director for Ministry of Health....if needed introductions, let me know.

Rwanda is a beautiful country, with wonderful people and is growing by leaps and bounds with the most vibrant economy in the region, however poverty and the diseases caused by poverty and trauma and respiratory diseases are profound. There is no cath lab in the country, and we used the one vial of TPA in the country last week. There is a MoH ambitious plan to improve health care for the country, by moving the entire public hospital and facilities to a new site--including a Team Heart Hospital for Comprehensive Cardiac Care, (among other creative and ambitious solutions) but at this moment, today, there is no in-country thoracic surgery for 12 million people cardiac or non-cardiac, and it is critically needed.

Please contact me for more information, if desired, look on Team Heart at linked in , or on our website for contact information.

Mirwais Amiri Replied at 11:27 PM, 16 Mar 2015

Dear All
Let me introduce myself I am Dr Mirwais Amiri( FACC) consultant cardiologist & Managing Director & Chairman of Amiri Medical Complex, Kabul Afghanistan. we were running diagnostic heart since 2006. We were performing all type of non invasive diagnostics procedures in the centre since than but due to lack of dedicated cardiac hospital and looking to the demands of people of Afghanistan we decided to start with in patient facilities so in December 2014 we moved to our new 75 bedded multi speciality hospital mostly focusing in cardiac and related patients( pulmonology & nephrology) for which we have state of the art building and much advance Equipments but still Afghanistan is facing lack of trained manpower we are did recruite trained nurses , technicians from Pakistan and India but still lacking cardio thoracic & vascular surgeons( both in Adult & paediatric)
So my humble request from all of you who are willing to work here with expertee in the same field would be highly appreciated so they can work on permanent or temporary basis so our patients get high benefits and also they can train our doctors and other medical staff too,
Worth to mention our requirement is not only for cardio thoracic and vascular surgery other medical professionals are also welcome.
Hope you all under stand that Afghanistan faced a lot of problems due to almost 30 years of war and now it is time reconstruct our nation, as Afghan we are not forgetting the International community support since 2001 but still we lacking facilities in health sector.
Best Regards

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Gurpal Bindra Replied at 11:37 PM, 16 Mar 2015

I can patch you through to my friend and the 2 of you can work out details.
He has one operating room and is the anesthesiologist. Regarding duration
that is flexible but you can discuss it with him. I will speak to him

jean philippe berthet Replied at 6:38 AM, 17 Mar 2015

Dear colleagues,
Thank you for your kind answers and discussion.
Some personnal informations and advises may be rather sent by email:

Thank you in advance

Le mardi 17 mars 2015, Gurpal Bindra via GHDonline <>
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jean philippe berthet Replied at 6:53 AM, 17 Mar 2015

Dear colleagues,
All the kind and accurate replies and email you are sending to GS list
serve is going to all members!
Would you please reply directly to me when appropriate.

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