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Biostatistics/Big Data: Career inquiry

By nohemie mawaka | 13 Oct, 2015

Hi everyone,
I am a final year masters of public health student studying in Vancouver, with a strong interest in quantitative epidemiology - longitudinal analysis in big data. I've spent the last month and a half searching the internet for potential start up firms or big organization focusing on big health data, that could include clinical data or/and health economics, but I have not had much luck. I eventually want to pursue a PhD in research focusing on a particular Sub-Saharan African country, but I would like to work for a few years first within my niche of interest. Ideally, a company and/or organization with a tech-savvy motto would be best, but i'm open to all other possibilities.

Any advice, guidance or networks that could help me out? I would truly appreciate it!




Glenville Liburd Replied at 5:42 AM, 13 Oct 2015

Dear Nohemie, Can you please email me direct to . And let us explore further our common interest. You can also have a SKYPE chat if that is more efficient.

jay bala Replied at 9:58 AM, 13 Oct 2015

Dear Nohemie,

Please email me directly at . I may be able to point
you in the right direction for big data projects.

Warm Regards,
Jay Bala

Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 12:19 PM, 13 Oct 2015

Hi Nohemie,
Could you also email me with your CV to see if I can be of help. My email is jblaya [at] hms.harvard.edu


anwar rafay Replied at 3:07 PM, 13 Oct 2015

Dear Nohemie,

I'll love to support you on this project but please be specific. Do you
need help in Cox Proportional Hazard Modeling, Survival Analysis or what?

nohemie mawaka Replied at 7:40 PM, 14 Oct 2015

Thank you very much everyone, I will send emails to each of you tomorrow afternoon (Eastern time).

@anwar rafay: My interest in big data, is to gather large clinical data bases as a mean to strengthen weak healthcare systems that need it the most. With that, conduct longitudinal analysis. My main area of expertise and training has been with infectious diseases data analysis (TB and HIV, treatments, adherence, lung cavity and mortality). With longitudinal big data, this allows me to unfold a multitude of analysis without restricting myself to one particular methodology. I hope this clear is up, please forward me your email, thanks!

Naomi Muinga Moderator Replied at 4:17 AM, 15 Oct 2015

Hi Nohemie,
Coursera runs some free courses on big data with an option for specialization. You can check it out while you finish off your msc.

Here's the link :

and more on data science

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