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Calling All Millennials

By nohemie mawaka | 09 Feb, 2017

WWW.GLOBAL-SCIE.NET is an online global health creative studio that aims to provide captivating
topics impact international health, in hope of telling the narrative through a young professional lens. We aim to provide a new vision and lens to global health, through brief journal content with high quality photographs. This vision came about through the lack of innovative approach in global health failing to embrace creativity, millennials/youth and controversial topics influencing the global health agenda. Lets put aside the academic jargon, and have real discussions.

We also aim to launch #SPOTLIGHT series, where we will celebrate the work of global health young professionals throughout the world doing amazing work in creativity, social enterprise, public-private and nonprofit, within the realm of global health.

Make sure to subscribe (WWW.GLOBAL-SCIE.NET) to stay up to date on our launch, and ways for you to nominate someone for #SPOTLIGHT!


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