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Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda receives grant for eHealth research

By Aaron Beals | 26 Feb, 2013

Exciting news out of Kigali about a grant received by CMU-R to do ICT research: http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/carnegie-mellon-university-rwanda-receiv...

Is anyone in our community working at or with CMU-R, and if so, can you share any details about the initial direction of the research?




suzana brown Replied at 1:51 AM, 27 Feb 2013

My name is Suzana and I am a scholar in residence at CMU-Rwanda. I will be working on the project along with an assistant professor for the same school. We are in the process of getting an approval from the government officials to conduct the study. As soon as we get approved (every research has to be approved by the government) I will post more information about it.

Suzana Brown

Aaron Beals Replied at 3:12 PM, 4 Mar 2013

Thanks, Suzana. Good luck with the approval, and I look forward to hearing more!


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