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Cell-Life Leader describes the creation of a national mHealth system for South Africa

By Sarah Arnquist | 24 Jan, 2011 Last edited by Sophie Beauvais on 21 Feb 2011

Mobile Thinkers has an excellent interview with
Peter Benjamin, General Manager of Cell-Life in South Africa, in which he describes the work he and his team of programmers, network engineers, business analysts, and trainers are doing to create a National mHealth System that will enable facilities across the country to test 15 million people for HIV by June of this year.

I thought it might be of interest to this community so here's the link http://www.mobilethinkers.com/2011/01/mhealth-benefits-no-evidence-%E2%80%93-...

This project seems very interesting and challenging from a technology standpoint, but also from a logistical and management standpoint of reaching such a large scale so quickly.

Here, Benjamin describes the scale they're aiming for: "This project is a different order of magnitude to the previous projects we’ve been doing. We’re a small non-for-profit NGO in data and we’re now being asked to set up a National mHealth System and have it working in 7000 health facilities. My desk is full of plans, Gantt Charts of how we’re going to train 14,000 people in 7,000 health facilities between now and Easter. So it’s doable but it’s more than we’ve done and, to my knowledge, more than anyone else has done in South Africa and probably anywhere in Africa."

Another interesting tidbit is Benjamin's prediction that cell phones have the potential to transform health care systems of developing nations, but that mHealth itself might be a transitory period that lasts only another year or two.


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