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Cell phone videos used to communicate information on health and other issues

By Kavitha Nallathambi | 02 Mar, 2011


Summary from Kaiser Family Foundation Daily Digest

Project Delivers Development Information Through Animated Videos On Cell Phones

A new initiative, called Scientific Animations Without Borders, uses animated teaching videos to deliver lessons about "farming, protection against disease, and sustainable individual economic pursuits" through cell phones to people in the developing world, UPI reports (2/28). "Animation reduces the costs associated with making a video on a particular topic ... The videos are narrated, and the narration can be recorded in any language with any dialect or accent," according to a University of Illinois press release. "The first animated videos developed by the Illinois team (with funding from the Dry Grain Pulses CRSP - U.S. Agency for International Development and created in collaboration with aid workers and farmers in West Africa) demonstrate safe insect-control methods that are already in use in some regions," the release notes. The team, comprised of educators and faculty from the University of Illinois, plans to create future videos dealing with other agricultural and health issues, such as malaria. Viewers in both the developing and developed world will be targeted (2/28).


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