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Creating database for cervical cancer patients in urban setting, low-resource country

By Charlotte Gamble | 30 Jan, 2014

Hi everyone,
I am looking for the best resources/literature that can be used to help create a patient database for cervical cancer patients seen at an outpatient GYN clinic in an urban setting in a low-resource country. To be used for patient follow-up. Please advise.
Thanks! Charlotte



A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 7:04 PM, 30 Jan 2014

Charlotte, I am not sure but you could try the AMPATH site. Terry

Justin List Replied at 12:25 AM, 31 Jan 2014

Charlotte, I briefly met Krista during medical school as part of a NIH/Fogarty research training program and recall her working in Zambia on cervical cancer screening modalities. She might have an idea for literature.


Alyssa Bilinski Replied at 12:40 AM, 31 Jan 2014


I don't know about cervical cancer specifically, but I have worked on basic Microsoft Access databases used for patient follow-up for some Partners In Health programs. If you'd like a sample template, I can send one!


Jai Ganesh Replied at 1:35 AM, 31 Jan 2014

Suggest you have a look @

Cervical Cancer Outcomes
web page provides database in Excel and Tab separated formats



Standards and datasets for reporting cancers Dataset for histological
reporting of cervical neoplasia (3rd
the Royal College of Pathologists.

Maggie Sullivan Replied at 1:16 PM, 31 Jan 2014

Hi Charlotte - like some others, we custom-made our own database on excel. It was something that nurses in-country could easily use and readily access. But, like Alyssa mentions, PIH has an open-source EMR:


The OpenMRS System: Collaborating Toward an Open Source EMR for Developing Countries

And I also found this interesting article titled Cooking Up An Open Source EMR For Developing Countries: OpenMRS – A Recipe For Successful Collaboration:

-Maggie Sullivan

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Patrick Crisp Replied at 1:54 PM, 31 Jan 2014

Hi Charlotte

I have Windows based EMR software that you could use if you found that it met your requirements (it may be too complicated for your needs):

Just install the trial and run. There are 2 programs that are installed: The simple option uses Access databases and requires no special setup - just install and run. The more complex option uses SQL Server and does require setup.

There are videos on the above web page that you could view first to get an idea how it works.

I do not charge users in low resource areas and non-profit organisations - if you want a license, then just let me know.


Imran Mirza Replied at 2:33 PM, 2 Feb 2014

Dear Patrick,

We are a not-for-profit organization in Pakistan with a focus on diabetes care. After having explored a number of unsustainable options, we are looking for an out-of-the-box and free solution to implement at our clinic. With the knowledge that you don't charge organizations like ours for the EMR, I hope that we can get license from you to test and perhaps use the product. Please advise.

Best regards,

Patrick Crisp Replied at 1:12 PM, 3 Feb 2014

Hello Imran

That will be fine - I will prepare a license file for you without

Charlotte Gamble Replied at 12:52 PM, 4 Feb 2014

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I really appreciate it!

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