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Device security as part of consideration of health IT acceptance/use?

By Charlene Ronquillo | 18 Jun, 2015

I am looking at testing the stability of a technology use predictive model and will likely incorporate some additional constructs, in order for the model to better reflect the realities of using mHealth in a low-resource settings. The motivation being that the majority of tech acceptance/use models have been tested primarily in high-income countries with fairly highly-educated populations...although that is starting to change.

One of the key considerations that come up often in mHealth studies is the risk for device theft and device security as a potential substantial barrier to using mHealth by clinicians in everyday practice. I have not yet had any luck looking, but I am wondering if any of you are aware of any tech acceptance/use models that incorporates this factor as part of the model? Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks!



Jennifer Sisto Replied at 12:54 PM, 7 Jul 2015

Hi Charlene! Are the communities urban or rural? Are the clinicians using the devices inside of a clinic or for surveillance or CHW in communities? In more isolated communities, one of the items identified in work I am familiar with includes identifying respected community members and establishing them as key individuals supporting the activities -- and visibly linking them to the roll-out of the technology, potentially supporting positive social norms within the community. However, in more transient urban populations with different individuals entering and leaving the clinicians' practice, this wouldn't hold. Just some food for thought.. Would be interested to hear more about the project!

Joris Van Dam Replied at 7:05 AM, 8 Jul 2015

Another approach we've considered in the past is rewarding the user for
usage of the device / submission of data. Nominal rewards but still this
fosters a greater sense of ownership as the "value" is no longer in the
device itself but in the ability to use it (and likely that's where your
value is too - in getting the data).

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 7:12 AM, 8 Jul 2015

Joris, excellent points and your statements raise the important issue of UI adaptability i.e. rapid form design for or by the end-user. This is a major stumbling block for many vendor systems. Even if they are adaptable the changes are often slow to implement and expensive. Thus the need to 'favour' Open Source systems.

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