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Free GHD teaching case study on Project ECHO, a web-based guided practice model

By Amy Madore | 21 Mar, 2017

GHD’s curriculum development team recently published a new Harvard Business School-style teaching case that may be of interest to some community members. The case, “Project ECHO: Expanding the Capacity of Primary Care Providers to Address Complex Conditions,” traces the inception and growth of Project ECHO, a web-based guided practice model for training primary care providers to deliver specialty care. Originally developed in 2003 to address the US state of New Mexico's high prevalence of hepatitis C and shortage of specialists able to treat the disease, Project ECHO is now being used in more than 20 countries to address over 55 complex medical conditions. The case describes what the ECHO model™ entails—including leveraging technology to expand access to case-based learning and specialty resources—and its early replication within the US.

Like our other cases, the Project ECHO case is published through Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) and can be downloaded for free from our collection (http://www.globalhealthdelivery.org/case-studies/north-america/project-echo-e...), HBP, and The Case Centre. We invite you to share the case with instructors and trainers in global health delivery within your network. If you yourself are an instructor and decide to incorporate the case into your teaching, we’d welcome your feedback.

We have two other cases that address the use of technology to strengthen care delivery that may also be of interest: one on EMR design and implementation in Uganda (http://www.globalhealthdelivery.org/case-collection/case-studies/africa/emr-a...), and one on the global mapping of trachoma (http://www.globalhealthdelivery.org/case-collection/case-studies/global/the-g...).




Eveline Melman Replied at 1:31 AM, 5 Apr 2017

thank you for the Ugandan link! very useful

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