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Generic Challenges and Solutions to Implementation of EHRs, MRSs, EMRs in Different Healthcare Settings

By John Alade | 09 Oct, 2015

Implementation of Health Information management systems to replace existing paper based medical record keeping cannot be overemphasized by implementers to not just be a herculean task but requires a lot of lessons, Change management and implementation plans when one way seem not to work out. These amongst other things are challenges that Professional Healthcare Informatics Professionals anticipate for when implementing an Health Information Management System Software in an Healthcare setting. Although in developed countries these issues and challenges have being long forgotten or not even experienced at all(For Instance Power), developing countries though are still facing these issues in the not so encouraging and not supportive environment we may find ourselves.

What are the challenges to be anticipated and how can they be overcome during design, development, implementation,management and maintenance of Healthcare Information Management Systems from as small as mobile apps to Telemedicine Applications and everything in-between. I think answers will not only help me, but other independent implementers in developing countries specifically.



Mike Muin Replied at 3:33 AM, 9 Oct 2015


I apologize for the shameless plug but I wrote a short (and cheap!) Kindle
book on those issues:

Secret Strategies to Successful EMR Implementations

I start off by saying that Health IT implementations are socio-technical
projects. However, many approaches and methodologies focus on the technical
aspects but hardly any address the social part, e.g. culture, user
ownership, management support. In the book, I list 10 areas and try to
address common issues encountered in these areas.

Hope this helps!




Dr. Mike Muin
MedProjects Inc.

Medical Informatics - Electronic Medical Records - HL7 Integration
Hospital IT Planning - Projects Management - Clinical Systems Analysis

Naomi Muinga Moderator Replied at 10:06 AM, 9 Oct 2015

as we await responses directed at generic solutions being sought here....here is an interesting discussion that can help you get started


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Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 10:40 AM, 9 Oct 2015

@John, could you be a bit more specific in what you’d like to learn because your question was broad. Are you in the process of implementing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)? If so, for what type of institution?

If not could you explain a bit more about the context of your question, I think you’ll find that the suggestions will be more precise with more info.

@Mike, just read your book, really useful on how to implement any kind of health IT system, and the good thing is that it’s only US$4 on a Kindle (I downloaded in the US, but I think it’s the same anywhere). John, I would recommend you get it. Also Mike, would love to talk to you about the services you provide on a personal note, could you email me at jblaya [at] hms . harvard . edu

Ahmed Bialy Replied at 9:35 PM, 9 Oct 2015

In my country, you rarely find a hospital with a EHR system. I think the main challenges we have here to spread this system is summerized as :
1- financial problems for the computer devices
2- a strategy/plan to overspread this technology in different departments in the same health facility.
3- enough number of trained personels ( training the already present health stuff is not adequate because we meet daily hundreds of patients, so it's more a time factor than a training factor)

Amal Bholah Moderator Emeritus Replied at 12:54 PM, 16 Oct 2015

That's an interesting question.

I am working to implement an EHR system at my place of work. We are capacity building teams to develop on mobile platform. We already have a free version of the application on Google Play.

However lot of change management involved and user involvement in development phase is critical for sustainability. You rightly mentioned about the sociotechnical design of electronic health records.


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