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Grand Challenges in TB control

By jayanth devasundaram | 09 Dec, 2015

Friends, those of you interested in TB control or know anyone or entities interested in this, please circulate this grant funding opportunity: http://www.gc-tbc.com/img/GC-TBC_ProgramOverview.pdf



A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 1:50 AM, 9 Dec 2015

Jayanth, I would like to suggest your posting tis to www.openmrs.org or https://talk.openmrs.org.
Joaquin Blaya may also have some thoughts on thsi as her worked with Hamish Fraser on TB in Peru.

jayanth devasundaram Replied at 4:50 AM, 9 Dec 2015

Hi Professor Hannan,May I request you to forward and post as necessary?

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