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Health IT Capacity Building In Developing Countries

By Kofi Adutwum | 22 Dec, 2017

A major obstacle to the adaptation and successful use of health information technology in the developing world is lack of a well trained workforce. I am part of a group in Ghana interested in harnessing the power of IT to improve the delivery of health care particularly in the rural communities. We operate on a limited budget and are looking for open source / free / low cost resources that we can use to train beginning health IT professionals. We are particularly interested in training resources for Database design and management as well as Programming and software Development. The more they apply to the context of health informatics the better. Do anyone know of such resources that can be used to train professionals in the development and maintenance of health IT systems?



Henry Ogoe Replied at 8:51 AM, 22 Dec 2017


We've been working on this at the University of Ghana, Legon. Get in touch ().


Ann Hulton Replied at 8:58 AM, 22 Dec 2017

I am also interested in developing courses via NextGenU.org in Health Informatics/ IT in Healthcare. I have worked with OpenEMR which is an open source Electronic Medical Records system and am interested in Decision Support systems. All of our courses are free and online. We would love to collaborate.

Ann Hulton Replied at 8:59 AM, 22 Dec 2017

Here's my email -

Eben Afarikumah Replied at 9:28 AM, 22 Dec 2017

Great to hear the developments in ICT in Ghana Health sector. let be in touch

Tim Simard Replied at 9:33 AM, 22 Dec 2017

Edx provides a broad offering of free courses.
Timothy Simard
(M) 781-249-0056

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Denver Jainarain Replied at 9:42 AM, 22 Dec 2017

Hi. I am clinical data manger . I am willing assist. I can offer
- DevOps – software DEVelopment of health systems and information technology OPerationS
- Provide technical support for interoperability of multiple Health Information Systems and Software’s

Denver Jainarain Replied at 9:43 AM, 22 Dec 2017

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 2:49 PM, 22 Dec 2017

Dear Kofi, this question has been posted before on GHDonline. and it is a good one. Go to OpenMRS.org or OpenMRS Talk.
There are many resources in GHDonline on OpenMRS.
Attached is one of the early papers on the Kenyan project that shows how we approached the issues you raise.
Send me your email address and I will gather some documents together.

Attached resource:

Fadi Samara Replied at 10:51 PM, 22 Dec 2017

I am also interested in learning more about what others are doing in the developing world. Particular interest in Jordan. They have embarked on their National EHR journey and it has been merely about deploying technology (they are using VistA), without an equal emphasis on training in the areas of Health IT and how to maximize its potential.

I am following.

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