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By Jossy Onwude, MD | 19 Apr, 2016

Hello all,
So I recently got my MD and am making plans for what's next. I don't want to proceed to residency yet but rather work on health innovations. So am wondering if anyone here is working on any health innovations that I could join. I would also consider good internship positions in health IT. And please do let me know if you know of any Msc , fellowship or PHD programs in Health IT I could join. Am considering the National library of Medicine fellowship program on health informatics but I don't know how to apply for it though I have a applied for an Msc at DIT Germany.
Looking forward to helpful replies.



Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 6:08 PM, 20 Apr 2016

Hi Jossy,
For the NLM fellowship program, you have to apply to each program that you
want to go to, in other words to each university or group of universities.
For example, the Harvard one is at this website

I don't know when the deadline are, but they may have already passed to
start this year, but definitely check with each program.

Jossy Onwude, MD Replied at 2:03 AM, 22 Apr 2016

Hello Joaquin,
Thanks for the information.

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